Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japan comes to Scoil Nioclais!!

Fourth classes are taking part in an eight week programme featuring classes in Japanese culture, origami, traditional arts and crafts and brush calligraphy offered by Triskel arts Centre, cork.

Fourth class followed an 8 week course in Japanese art, origami, culture and language, given by Chika Ueda from the Triskel Arts Centre. We loved learning about Japan and all of the art activities.

See a selection of photographs from NB7 showing the daruma dolls and hina dolls we made, along with our beautiful calligraphy. Arigatou Chika!

We made stunning daruma dolls. They are Japanese dolls made by sticking newspaper bits onto a balloon. It was great fun. My favourite part was painting it. I called mine daffodil. by Ester

In the Japanese workshop we made daruma dolls. We had a terrific time making them. It is traditional to make a wish while making the doll. It is also traditional to put one eye on but I decided to put two on mine.