Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nuacht Nioclais!

Here are some achievements and activities that the pupils in Scoil Nioclais have been involved in this term. Well done to all!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incredible Edibles


We are learning to eat better, stay healthy and get 5 a day. As part of this programme we are growing our own fruit and vegetables. We are taking good care of our potatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce and strawberries. They are coming along nicely.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

4th Class Memories

Memories of fourth class by Ms. O’Mahony’s class.

My favourite memory in 4th class is when I was playing in the basketball tournament, winning all the matches and bringing the cup back to school for a second time.
My second favourite memory is when we made some cool looking hats with vibrant colours. We had a fashion catwalk. It was a laugh seeing all the crazy poses. The presentations were also very different. I loved every one of the hats because they were all very different. I hope 5th class art will be as much fun. by Marie

One of my memories is when we made our own hats and then we had a fashion show. That was great fun.
At Christmas time we made flower arrangements for our Christmas tables at home. My Mom loved it. At Easter time we made really nice Easter cards. At the end of the year, Chika came and taught us the art of origami and how to write my name in Japanese. We will have our school tour in the Mardyke Arena. I am looking forward to that. by Laura

Fourth class started with setting up chairs and tables and our of nowhere there were three new kids – Georgia, Ucha and Alex. They’re funny. My favourite part of 4th class was the Japanese project. I loved Rome too. Fourth had many adventures and I loved most of them. I can remember Halloween in 4th. I’m so sad leaving fourth class. by Cian

One of the best memories that I have would probably be the Japanese workshop. I liked it because we learned lots about Japan and I liked learning about the Japanese culture.
I also liked the Roman project because I learned new things about the Romans that I never knew before. It was very enjoyable. When we were doing our Roman project these men came into the halla dressed in Roman clothing and told us all about life in Ancient Rome. by me!

In my memories, the exciting thing that happened in class was Christmas. On the last day of the holidays, we were doing what we wanted. The funniest thing I ever saw was David in the hat show with his big hat. by Ucha

My happiest memory was when we were drawing our friend’s faces. I was drawing my friend and it was so bad because you were not allowed to lift the pencil off the page and you were not allowed to rub your mistakes out!
I had a great time. It was really enjoyable. by Áine

One of my favourite memories was doing The Romans. I loved all the art. it was my favourite project. We learned so much about them.
I never knew three new students would come this year. They are all really nice. Their names are Alex, Ucha and Georgia, Ucha’s English is very good because he is not from Ireland.
We have Japanese classes which are really good. We learned so much and did so much art. I wish it was longer than 8 weeks. by Conor

My best memory of 4th class was learning about Japan. It was sooooo fun. I also learned a lot as well as playing a few games and doing art! I also enjoyed our games of dodge frisbee. It was a laugh.
The funniest moment was when my friend Ucha lifted Jamie up when my teacher asked what did he do.
4th class was an enjoyable year that was fun in lots of ways. I’d rate it 9 out of 10 and I’d love to replay this year. by David

One of my best memories of 4th class was making the Philip Tracey hats. I loved mine because I put a lot of hard work into it. They were the best art this year.
I also loved the Xmas Factor when the teachers dressed up as High school Musical.
I loved the Japanese work shop. It was really good. I loved all the different lessons. I though it was superb, and the best Geography all year long.
I also loved the Roman project. It was excellent. I loved it because we did different topics each. I really loved my fourth class memories.
by Fionnuala

The funniest moment was when Cian was doing pastels and got them all over his face. The best moment in 4th class was walking into a new class and meeting new friends and a brilliant new teacher. It was wonderful. My memory was when I found out a teacher from my old school works here in Scoil Nioclais and every day I come in school I can see her and say hello. Every Tuesday a very artistic woman called Chika comes in and teaches us Japanese things. The best things she did with me and the class was probably the Japanese writing. It was so wonderful and DIFFICULT but we got there.
They were all my best memories of 4th class by Georgia

My best memory of 4th class was when we found out there was a girl called Chika coming to us.
Chika was from Japan. She came to teach us Japanese which is the most fun and enjoyable subject EVER!
But yet there still are other memories about 4th class yet to come so hang on in there!
I thoroughly enjoyed the Cork Pops which was in the City Hall. I had been there before but each time I went there was either a different song, different people but there was always something different! by me!

One of the most interesting things that has happened in 4th class is meeting my learning support teacher Mr. Keany. I first met him a while after I came into 4th class. All through 4th class we were doing things like learning how to use Microsoft Word, throwing a ball, idioms and sometimes we even did art! I thought that he was very nice and friendly. We had some nutty adventures and I really hope I have him as a learning support teacher in 5th and 6th class and have some more crazy and nutty adventures! by Conor

The highlight of being in fourth class was making the centre pieces for Christmas. I liked them because they were so beautiful on the kitchen table.
I was amazed to see that we made so many projects during
the year. My favourite project was about the Romans because it was so interesting learning more facts than I knew already.
I was disappointed to see Chika go because after the eight weeks we had, I wish she could have stayed longer.
I really enjoyed when Bean De Róiste’s daughter Sarah
came to do the art work shop with us because it made me see that everyone was creative. by Mary

My favourite memory from fourth class was when we mae hats because it was fun writing the commentaries and doing the catwalk to the cool music.
I also loved making the Christmas centre pieces with the pretty flowers. The Santa and the candle also made them more unique. They were all beautiful and looked gorgeous on the kitchen table.
Another one of my best memories was when Ms O’Mahony told me that I had a gift for writing stories.
Fourth class was definitely a year I am going to remember for the rest of my life! by Rachel

My favourite memory is Ms O’Mahony and Chika too. Its fun when they teach us for me and for you.
Dodge Frisbee is fun too, trying to dodge the things ye throw.
It was fun drawing portraits without lifting the pencil. The faces I drew were funny, how about you?
It is fun reading “Holes” and CAPER books too, I hope we finish it how about you?
The Roman history and Egypt too, I bet you wish you were doing it too.
When someone says “I’m done” Ms O’Mahony says “finished” that’s the way she is, trying to get us to speak proper English! by me!

Some of my most valued memories of 4th class came from the Japanese workshop. I absolutely loved doing the daruma dolls. One of the funniest memories was when Ucha lifted Jamie of the ground. My most painful memory was when I smacked my elbow off the table. by Ross
I loved the Romans because the culture, games and war were interesting. I like the gladiators and the chariot racing. They were brilliant. It was so much fun.
We also did Egyptian masks. They were fantastic. They were very easy to make. You get a plastic mask and cover it with Vaseline and plaster of paris then you paint it you get cardboard and paint it as well. by Eoin

I liked doing the project on the Romans because they were really interesting and they always had really clever ideas for everything
Although the poor people didn’t have very good lives I thought
It was really interesting where they lived and what they ate!!! When the Romans came we had a lot of fun.
I liked when we did art because we made really cool things like the
Cool Christmas Centrepieces and the Egyptian Death Masks
And the marbling with acrylic oil paints was awesome. We also did Paul Cezanne style still life pictures. Ms O Mahony always has something fun to do in art!!!
I thought that when we played dodge Frisbee for P.E. it was awesome because I liked playing it with my friends.
But the best was when we had Japanese culture lessons with Chika Ueda we made lovely origami, koinobori (wishing carp) and beautiful Daruma Dolls.
by Erica.

I loved doing the Italian project because I love learning about other countries and the people in them.
The surprising memory this year was when I found out that there were three new children in my class, because I never would have expected that to happen.
The Japanese workshop was the happy memory because I enjoyed learning and making things from Japan.
The funny memory this year was when my teacher overheard my friend and I talking about our favourite teacher!! by me!

My favourite memory in fourth class was when we ere doing the skipping workshop. The person who was teaching it was very funny. He was a very good teacher. It was the first time I had seen double dutch. At the start of it I couldn’t skip at all!! But after it I could skip very well. by Jamie

My best 4th class memories were skipping workshop, dodge frisbee and when a guy dressed as a bear walked past our window. They were all a laugh. They are the funnies things in 4th class. by Dave

My favourite memory was when we were doing the Roman project. My funniest memory was when we did Sports day. by Alex

I have a lot of memories about fourth class but my favourite memory was the first day of school and three new people joined our class group. We made great friends with each other.
My funniest memory I have is when Dave Scott told the class really funny jokes. He is one funny friend and his jokes were always hilarious.
The other good memories of 4th class are the roman project, the energy project and I think it will be our school tour.
I really enjoyed my time in 4th class and I hope 5th class will just as good!
by Daniel


6th Class Confirmation

On Wednesday 21st April, 6th Class in Scoil Niocláis made their Confirmation. We were very lucky with the weather, for on that day the sun was shining down on us. When we reached the church everyone was in their new clothes and they looked lovely. We were honoured to have Bishop Buckley celebrating the mass and confirming us on our special day. The ceremony was lovely and very prayerful. It was made even more special with our family and friends around us. The 5th and 6th choir also sang beautifully and all of our preparation and practice really showed. After the mass some people went to restaurants and had parties with their families who might have travelled a lot to come and celebrate our day with us. All together the day was a great success and on behalf on all of 6th class we would like to give a big thank you to all the teachers involved!
By Aoife Costello

Easter Hunt

Skip Hop

Under the Sea in Third Class!

Science Day for Third Class

The three third classes held a Science Day in the halla to show 1st and 2nd class and their parents the exciting experiments they have been doing as part of the Discover Primary Science programme. Experiments on the day included balloon rockets, dancing raisins, paper helicopters, fingerprints and more. Well done to all the budding scientists in third class!

Walking Bus in Action!

Swimming Success

Scoil Niocláis Swept The Boards at the Swimming Gala!!

Well done to all the pupils who took part in the Northside Swimming Gala in March!
Twenty students from first class to sixth class did Scoil Niocláis proud at the swimming gala. Each student won a medal, with many taking home two or three medals, ranging from bronze to gold.

Children took part from five different schools from Cork. The children opened the gala by parading around the pool, school flag held high and finishing with the National Anthem. A win in the very first race of the gala got us off to a great start. It got better and better from there, with every swimmer doing their very best and reaping the rewards for their great efforts. Plates were awarded for winning Sections A,B and C of the event, the children achieved first place in the relays and to top it off their effort as a team was awarded by adding up all the points gained throughout the day and they were presented with the much sought after Overall Winners Plate!! The under 8s and under 9s did really well in what was their first Gala for some, to achieve the positions they did in the races and gain the very important points to achieve this Overall Awrad. So a special thanks to them.

A very special thank you also to Fiona O’Callaghan who managed the team so well on the day and during preparations. Thank also to Ms. Hipwell for all her help on the day of the gala.

Well done again to all the swimmers who took part for their excellent behaviour and speedy swimming!!

Ms. Hennessy

The Children of Lir by Second Class

Basketball Blitz

Well done to our fourth class boys and girls who took part in the Father Matthew basketball blitz last week.
Both teams played really well with our girls winning out the overall competition. Thank you to Mr Moynihan and Paula Duggan for all their work in coaching and preparing the teams. Well done to all – you did Scoil Niocláis proud!

Guitar Superstars

Fun on the farm for Junior Infants!

Term 3 in Room 4 Junior Infants

Our Daffodils
At the end of April, we went to admire our beautiful daffodils. We planted these ourselves earlier this year.

Sports Day
We really enjoyed our first annual Sports Day. We had a wonderful time playing the different games together!

Mobile Farm
The mobile Farm came to visit in May. We had a great time looking at and holding the different farm animals. Our favourites were the baby chicks and the rabbits.

Drawing Outside
During the beautiful weather in May, we even took our Art lessons outside. We drew great pictures of our school in the sunshine.

Japan comes to Scoil Nioclais!!

Fourth classes are taking part in an eight week programme featuring classes in Japanese culture, origami, traditional arts and crafts and brush calligraphy offered by Triskel arts Centre, cork.

Fourth class followed an 8 week course in Japanese art, origami, culture and language, given by Chika Ueda from the Triskel Arts Centre. We loved learning about Japan and all of the art activities.

See a selection of photographs from NB7 showing the daruma dolls and hina dolls we made, along with our beautiful calligraphy. Arigatou Chika!

We made stunning daruma dolls. They are Japanese dolls made by sticking newspaper bits onto a balloon. It was great fun. My favourite part was painting it. I called mine daffodil. by Ester

In the Japanese workshop we made daruma dolls. We had a terrific time making them. It is traditional to make a wish while making the doll. It is also traditional to put one eye on but I decided to put two on mine.

3rd Class in the garden!

We have been really busy over the last few weeks as our tomatoes; peas and basil have all been growing really well. The recent spell of good weather has resulted in great growing conditions and we expect to have a bumper crop of vegetables and herbs this year.

Hina Dolls!

4th Class Egyption Dolls!

Ahhhhh ! King Tut has awakened!

Gold and blue – the colours of King Tut. Ms. O’Mahony’s 4th class created beautiful Egyptian masks. Truly amazing, all are unique. Just look below and see each and every one !!! Rachel

Ancient Egypt returns!
Ancient Egypt has returned to Ms. O’Mahony’s 4th class, We have made these gorgeous masks from plaster of paris and painted them with royal blue and a shimmering gold on a background of cardboard. They’re so amazing, they really do look like King Tut’s death mask!

I feel like a pharaoh!

We made probably the coolest masks ever! My mask was legendary!
We first covered the mask in Vaseline and stuck plaster of paris on. Then we put a backing on. We painted it in metallic gold and royal blue and we were finished.

4th Cllass Daruma Dolls!

4th Class Calligraphy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

They cannot talk back !

The Scoil Niocláis Website.

The Scoil Niocláis website displays children’s work, tells of some their school experiences and keeps parents and friends informed.


Children cannot put information on the website. Children cannot email from the school website.

Teachers are the only people who are permitted to put information up on the school website.

Well done to all those teachers who use the school website to parade, display and showcase the talents of the pupils in Scoil Niocláis.

A special mention for the webmistress, Ms. Mary Walsh and one of our parents, Mr. Brian O’Flaherty who were the initial driving force behind this initiative.

Molaim sibh!

A Big Thank You to Parents

A Big Thank You

Dear Parents and Friends,

As you are well aware, fund-raising for our school has been ongoing for a number of years. We would like to inform you that due to your continued support over these years, we have been able to clear our initial debt.

Now that we are in more difficult times, we appreciate it is going to be hard for parents to continue in this vein. With the building of our extension almost ready to commence we would ask parents to where possible, continue supporting our fund-raising efforts in any way they can.

Mile buiochas also to the members of the Scoil Nioclais Parents Association for all their hard work during the year in supporting the school in many different ways. It is much appreciated.

Once again, on behalf of the Board of Management of Scoil Nioclais, we thank you for your support in the past and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Kindest regards

Fr. John Walsh
Chairperson of the BOM

Micheál Ó Cochláin
Priomh Oide

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Intercultural Day Tomorrow!

A sincere thank you to the parents who have offered to help out with our Intercultural Celebration. In order to add to the colour and atmosphere of the day, all children are invited to wear clothes that represent either their own or another country. The more creative the better! Why not make your own costume using the colours of a particular country's flag? We look forward to seeing your efforts, and who knows, there may be a few prizes for original costumes!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Scoil Nioclais Intercultural Day Friday 18th June

One of our great traditions here at Scoil Nioclais is our annual Intercultural day where students can both learn and explain different aspects of other cultures.
In the past we have had great support from parents on this day, whereby they came and brought a taste of their country to the students. Events included:
-Dance and Musical displays
-Cookery demonstrations and sharing of recipes
-Wearing and explanations of National Costumes
-A visit to your child's class to talk about your country
-Story telling, translations and much more.
We would be delighted to hear from parents who would like to bring a little of their native country to Scoil Nioclais and would welcome any ideas you have. Help us keep this wonderful tradition going by contacting Orla (SNPA), through the school office or Rosemary in Room 18.

The Walking Bus

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scoil Nioclais School Uniform 2010

Laura's of Douglas are suppliers of the Scoil Nioclais School Uniform and are having a 3 day promotion event from Tuesday 8th until Thursday 10th of June. There is 10% off the School Uniform or alternatively you can avail of one of our promotional packs available on these days.