Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dramatic Win For Scoil Niocláis !


Match Reporter/Corner Forward

Cathal Kenny

On Tuesday the 28th of September, Scoil Niocláis played a football match in Douglas against Upper Glanmire. There was great excitement in the team because we knew this was going to tough. The game was delayed because it was raining heavily and Glanmire thought they hadn’t enough jerseys. They didn’t check but luckily they had enough. Mr Moynihan made a tactical change by putting Sam Hanley centre forward and Ross Howell in full. The captain was Conor Nash.

The match got under way and we were on top. It was very tight at the start. Brian Flahive and Aaron Moynihan dominated midfield and Colm Coakley, Sean Grace, Christian Begley, Kevin Lee, Conor Nash and Daniel Quinlan were good at the back. Adam Idah, Mark Butler, Sam Hanley, David Harrington, Ross Howell and Andrew O’ Connell were doing up front. I am not forgetting the outstanding Cian Allen in goal.

It was a very dramatic ending with only 2 points the margin at the end. Glanmire got a scorable chance and went for goal but missed. In the build-up to the free, Ross Howell was punched and the Glanmire player was sent off. It was so tight at the end Mr Moynihan and Mr O‘Donovan only making two substitutions being Cathal Kenny and Adam Coleman. It was a great game and a deserved, well-earned 3rd victory. We may have to meat these boys again!

However, we have now to concentrate on beating Carrignavar on next Tuesday 5th October at home in Douglas GAA. Roll on Carrignavar.

10 years celebration

Scoil Niocláis first opened its doors on 18th September 2000. As part of the 10 years celebration, a special mass will be held in the church on Friday morning at 11a.m. All are welcome.

Football flash

Boys win again against Upper Glanmire. Unfortunately, girls not so lucky. Report on the games later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Lord Mayor's Visit 2010

The 73rd Lord Mayor of Cork, councillor Michael O'Connell and his wife Catherine visited Scoil Niocláis on Tuesday 28th of September. He spoke to the children about the history of his job - leading back to the Tudor reign, the significance of the Port of Cork in history and some of the famous Irish patriots who have filled his role as Lord Mayor of Cork. Looking to the future he spoke to the children about the importance of art and culture to the people of Cork. He also spoke about the importance of education in Science and Maths to the future of a smart economy and employment in Cork.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rough and Tough but a Wins a Win by Sean Grace

Scoil Niocláis v Castlelyons

Reporter/Full-back : Sean Grace

On the 23rd of September Scoil Nioclais took on Castlelyons in a league match .In the first half of the match Castlelyons scored a quick point the shot dropped short but it bounced over our keepers head .With a quick kick out, Scoil Nioclais bounced back with a goal which was set up by mark but finished off by outstanding finish by Adam.
Things were not over yet because Castlelyons came with 2 more points which levelled the game. Things were getting exciting! Scoil Nioclais scored another 4 points which were scored by Cristian, Ross, Aaron and Brian. Brian took his chances well and scored the second goal for Scoil Nioclais.

The score board looked good for Scoil Nioclais as it was 2-4 too 1-3 but just to make it even sweeter Cathal scored a goal for Scoil Nioclais after getting a beautiful pass from Colum. He took a cracking shot at the goal which flew past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net . GOOOOOOOAL!!!!!

In the second half, things seemed to get tougher because Castlelyons bounced back with a goal . After they had scored the goal things got even rougher but when Aaron slotted a smashing goal. That put them back into their box.

If it was not for the defenders Castlelyons would have scored a dozen points. Scoil Nioclais still managed to scrap 2 points more - one by Brian and another by Ross. Castlelyons scored 2 more points but by then there was only a minute left and when the final whistle blew the score was 4-6 too 1-5.

Another tough win for Scoil Niocláis. Now for our next match against Carrignavar on the 5th October.

Another win for Scoil Niocláis!

Scoil Niocláis had another wonderful win yesterday against Castlelyons in Castlelyons . The score was 4 goals and 6 points to Scoil Niocláis and one goal and 3 points for Castlelyons. There will be an eye-witness report from our player correspondent shortly.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three more Football Fixtures

At home in Douglas GAA to Carrignavar on 5th October @ 2p.m.

Away to Kilcredan in Fr.O’Neill's pitch in East Cork @ 2p.m. on 12th October.Last game v Glounthaune Away in Caherlag @ 2p.m. Tuesday 19th October.

Bus to and from matches. Bus will leave at 1p.m. Return between 4.00-4.30p.m

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scoil Niocláis win their first match

Sciath na Scoil – Buachailli

Scoil Niocláis win their first football match of the season.

Reporter: Ross Howell

On the 14th of September Scoil Nioclais had there first Sciath na Scoil match of the new year. It was held in Douglas GAA. We were playing against Scoil Eoin [Innishannon]. Scoil Nioclais started off great. The ball was thrown in and Brian got it, rounded his man and gave a great pass into Adam. Adam caught the ball and scored a great goal. We played the first half very well. Then Mr O’ Donavan blew the whistle to tell us that it was half time.

The second half started and we knew that Scoil Eoin weren’t going to give up. There were a good few more scores in the second half and there was only about 3 minutes left. The clock ticked on and the whistle blew. It was the end of the game! We were all very happy that we won our first match. The final score was Scoil Niocláis 3-7 Scoil Eoin 0-6

What a start for Scoil Nioclais!!

Scoil Niocláis Girls start off well!

Sciath Na Scoil Cailini
Scoil Niocláis v Scoil Eoin Innishannon

Reporter: Vika Fleming

On the 14th of September Scoil Niocláis had their first league match against Scoil Eoin (Inashannon). The match was held in Douglas GAA.

The two teams went into their dressing rooms and got ready for the match. The girls went down to the pitch and got warmed up. Then the match began!

Scoil Niocláis had the ball but Scoil Eoin ruined their chance of scoring. Scoil Eoin attacked up the pitch and Scoil Niocláis’ keeper came out to try and stop them but they scored a goal.

Scoil Nioclais’ keeper kicked it out to the midfielders and then they passed the ball to the forwards and Saoirsa ran at the Scoil Eoin keeper and scored a brilliant goal.

Minutes went by and there were many points scored. The half time whistle went. The score was 2-4 to Scoil Eoin and 3-5 to Scoil Nioclais. We had a chat about how we were doing and subs who were coming on and off. Game on!

Scoil Nioclais scorched up the pitch and scored a wonderful point. Scoil Eoin came back with a score of their own. Minutes went by and goals and points were scored. Final whistle went and it was all over!

Scoil Nioclais had won the match. The score was 7-6 to 5-5. It was a match well played!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sciath na Scol - Football - Training and Match Arrangements

Training Douglas GAA - Thursday 16th September
Training Douglass GAA - Tuesday 21st September

Next Game: AWAY to Castlelyons on 23rd September @ 2.45p.m.
Bus will return children to school between 4.30- 4.45p.m.

Home match against Upper Glanmire on Tuesday 28th September.
¡Roinn DF 1
¡A. Glounthane
¡B. Carraig na bhFear
¡C. Sc Nioclais, Frankfield
¡D. Castlelyons .
¡E. Sc Eoin, Innishannon
¡F. Upper Glanmire
¡G. Kilcredan

¡15-a-side, 20 mins a half.

¡All home games will be played in Douglas GAA pitch. A bus will carry the team to the home games and parents will collect.

¡Training sessions will take place in Douglas GAA pitch every Tuesday and Thursday. Parents to drop and collect.

¡Fixtures and training may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances.
¡Queries to Mr. Moynihan or Mr. O’Donovan 4899567

¡A bus will carry the team to away games and deliver the team to the church yard on the way home.

Please ensure that players' mobile phone details are given to the school secretary.