Friday, September 24, 2010

Rough and Tough but a Wins a Win by Sean Grace

Scoil Niocláis v Castlelyons

Reporter/Full-back : Sean Grace

On the 23rd of September Scoil Nioclais took on Castlelyons in a league match .In the first half of the match Castlelyons scored a quick point the shot dropped short but it bounced over our keepers head .With a quick kick out, Scoil Nioclais bounced back with a goal which was set up by mark but finished off by outstanding finish by Adam.
Things were not over yet because Castlelyons came with 2 more points which levelled the game. Things were getting exciting! Scoil Nioclais scored another 4 points which were scored by Cristian, Ross, Aaron and Brian. Brian took his chances well and scored the second goal for Scoil Nioclais.

The score board looked good for Scoil Nioclais as it was 2-4 too 1-3 but just to make it even sweeter Cathal scored a goal for Scoil Nioclais after getting a beautiful pass from Colum. He took a cracking shot at the goal which flew past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net . GOOOOOOOAL!!!!!

In the second half, things seemed to get tougher because Castlelyons bounced back with a goal . After they had scored the goal things got even rougher but when Aaron slotted a smashing goal. That put them back into their box.

If it was not for the defenders Castlelyons would have scored a dozen points. Scoil Nioclais still managed to scrap 2 points more - one by Brian and another by Ross. Castlelyons scored 2 more points but by then there was only a minute left and when the final whistle blew the score was 4-6 too 1-5.

Another tough win for Scoil Niocláis. Now for our next match against Carrignavar on the 5th October.