Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scoil Niocláis Girls start off well!

Sciath Na Scoil Cailini
Scoil Niocláis v Scoil Eoin Innishannon

Reporter: Vika Fleming

On the 14th of September Scoil Niocláis had their first league match against Scoil Eoin (Inashannon). The match was held in Douglas GAA.

The two teams went into their dressing rooms and got ready for the match. The girls went down to the pitch and got warmed up. Then the match began!

Scoil Niocláis had the ball but Scoil Eoin ruined their chance of scoring. Scoil Eoin attacked up the pitch and Scoil Niocláis’ keeper came out to try and stop them but they scored a goal.

Scoil Nioclais’ keeper kicked it out to the midfielders and then they passed the ball to the forwards and Saoirsa ran at the Scoil Eoin keeper and scored a brilliant goal.

Minutes went by and there were many points scored. The half time whistle went. The score was 2-4 to Scoil Eoin and 3-5 to Scoil Nioclais. We had a chat about how we were doing and subs who were coming on and off. Game on!

Scoil Nioclais scorched up the pitch and scored a wonderful point. Scoil Eoin came back with a score of their own. Minutes went by and goals and points were scored. Final whistle went and it was all over!

Scoil Nioclais had won the match. The score was 7-6 to 5-5. It was a match well played!