Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Support Cork Penny Dinners!

Today Kim, Emer and I went to the Cork Penney Dinners Association in Hanover Street, Cork City. We met up with the Head of the Program, Cathriona and she showed us around. We got to work straight away, making dozens of cheese, potato salad, coleslaw and rocket leave sandwiches for the homeless peoples lunch. We wrapped them in tinfoil to keep them fresh for the arrival of the needy.

Then we were sent to work to make the desert for the next day. We started our preparation by chopping, peeling and slicing the apples for the stewed apple. When they were cut and ready we put them into a huge pot filled with water as it would be serving up to 100 people who couldn’t fend for themselves. The other people in the kitchen were dishing out dinners of pork chops, mash potatoes and carrots. We also helped to pack cheese!
As our trip was coming to an end, we got a little tour from one of the volunteers! We got to meet some really nice people like Paddy Blue who was 82 years old! He had been volunteering there since 1970. He sang to us and the people being fed and he played a few tunes on his harmonica.
The building is very run-down and needs renovation. They had been saving up all their donations of money for refurbishment and storage.

The staff involved in the Penny Dinners were kind, generous people. We were really honoured to be given such an opportunity and would love to go back again! This organisation is in great need of better facilities, more storage and lots of volunteer help!! We look forward to fundraising for them again in the future. By Aoife, Kim and Emer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Intercultural Day 2012!!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who got involved in our fantastic celebration of Intercultural Day 2012. This special day would not have been such a success without your valuable contribution so all your work is hugely appreciated! Scoil Nioclais was alive with flavour and colour last Friday 15th June, It was a wonderful celebration of the diverse cultures and nationalities in our school. Here is a glimpse of some of the excitement and colour of Last Friday! We hope you Enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Scoil Niocláis Intercultural Day Friday 15th June

One of our great traditions here at Scoil Niocláis is our annual Intercultural day where students can both learn and explain different aspects of other cultures. In the past parents have brought a taste of their country to Scoil Nioclais in the form of food, music, national costume, stories and pictures to display in the halla. This coming Friday 15th June we will have a wonderful display to celebrate the growing cultural diversity in our school. In order to add to the colour and atmosphere of the day, all children are invited to wear clothes that represent either their own or another country. The more creative, the better! Why not make your costume using the colours of a particular country's flag. We look forward to seeing your efforts. Our display in the halla will take place between 9 and 11am. Help us keep this wonderful tradition going, We are looking forward to meeting you all and sampling the delights of your country! 
If you have any queries or questions contact Ms. Nyhan or Ms. O’ Sullivan in The Language Support Room 18.