Monday, June 26, 2017

Biodiversity Flag

Biodiversity Flag
Scoil Nioclais is involved in Green Schools which is an internationally recognised Environmental Care Programme. We were recently awarded our 5th Green Flag for caring for plants and animals. Our previous flags have been for Litter and waste reduction, saving electricity, conserving water and sustainable travel. The Green School Committee members are Ms. Downing, Ms.Walsh , Tricia O’ Sullivan  and pupils: Joshua Thompson, Rory O Sullivan, Gordan Wong, Aran Ryan, Raymond Foley, Rebecca Walsh, David O’ Connell, Aisling Dorgan, Eoin O’ Connor, Katelyn Geary, Ben Warren Flynn and Lei o’ Donoghue.
Initiatives  to raise awareness of environmental care in our school are recycling our waste and composting ,WOW ( Walk on Wednesdays), Cow days( Cycle on Wednesdays), Golden Boot Award for the most Walkers,Greenest/ Tidiest Classroom Award, awareness surveys,  quizzes, The Biodiversity Photography Competition and our beautiful new sensory garden .This garden is divided into 5 sections according to the  5 senses .
Our winning  Green Schools Slogan was “ Help the Animals and Plants to survive , help keep the earth alive. “
Thank you for your support,

Ms. Downing 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Community Fete 2017

We celebrated with our school and community in glorious sunshine last weekend. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to a wonderful day out!