Thursday, June 24, 2010

4th Class Egyption Dolls!

Ahhhhh ! King Tut has awakened!

Gold and blue – the colours of King Tut. Ms. O’Mahony’s 4th class created beautiful Egyptian masks. Truly amazing, all are unique. Just look below and see each and every one !!! Rachel

Ancient Egypt returns!
Ancient Egypt has returned to Ms. O’Mahony’s 4th class, We have made these gorgeous masks from plaster of paris and painted them with royal blue and a shimmering gold on a background of cardboard. They’re so amazing, they really do look like King Tut’s death mask!

I feel like a pharaoh!

We made probably the coolest masks ever! My mask was legendary!
We first covered the mask in Vaseline and stuck plaster of paris on. Then we put a backing on. We painted it in metallic gold and royal blue and we were finished.