Thursday, March 2, 2017

Skipping Workshops 6th-9th March

We have invited Lee James from Skip-Hop to come to the school for four days of skipping on the above dates. Every child form Senior Infants upwards has the opportunity to take part in one of the workshops that are taking place throughout the four days in which they will learn a selection of moves, including individual moves, double-dutch, long rope, and partner skipping.
Superb quality speed ropes are available for children of all ages. For parents who are interested in skipping with their children or who simply want some useful exercise themselves, there are adult ropes, family ropes and double dutch ropes available. Should any pupils require a skipping rope, they can be bought during the four days of workshops.
Children's ropes 2.1m and 2.5m - €6
Xtenders - €3
Double dutch ropes 4.5m - €15 per pair
Adult ropes 2.7m - €8
Family ropes 4.5m - €10

Please remind your child to wear their tracksuits on their assigned day