Thursday, June 18, 2015

Booklist for Naí. Shinsearacha (Senior Infants) 2015 – 2016

English: Just Handwriting – Senior Infants (Purple Book) ( € 4.95 (pre-cursive handwriting *featuring letters with tails), Just Phonics – Senior Infants (Purple Book) ( € 5.95, Jolly Phonics Wordbook (Sue LIoyd & Sara Wernham) € 2.95, Zeb and Friends Skills Book (EdCo) € 5.95

Maths: Mathemagic Senior Infants (CJ Fallon) (Single Volume) € 10.40

Gaeilge: Bun na Cainte B - (EdCo) € 9.95
Grow in Love, Senior Infants Workbook only (Veritas) € 8.99

What A Wonderful World (Fallons) (Revised Ed.)  € 8.95

Total   € 58.09

Music: The Right note Junior/Senior Infants (Folens) (Children have this book from Junior Infants)

€5 to cover the costs of new books received through the school book scheme will be paid by each pupil to their class teacher at the beginning of term.
¨       2 Exercise No.15 (Not 15A) – Project copy
¨       2 Aisling Junior Copies- ASJO9
¨       1 A4 Cardboard folder
¨       1 Junior sums copy (N.B. 20mm square, not 10mm)
Each child will also need:
¨       New plastic carry folder for CAPER
¨       Large Pritt Stick
¨       Set of colouring pencils
¨       3 hand hugger writing pencils
¨       2 erasers

All the above will be available in the Halla, Scoil Niocláis on Monday 22nd June 2015 from 12.30 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Cash or cheque only please. Separate pay point for books and for copies/stationery.

Reminder: Please label all your child’s belongings. All children should have a small washbag with a small soap and a small hand towel.