Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Safety Competition Prize Winners 2012

Prizes: Safety Competition:
Overall winner of the metre of chocolate for 3rd/ 4th:
Kelly Collins, Kannelle-Rose Yamedjeu, Sara Ilijev (Mr. Flynn)

Third class:
1st Prize: Aleksandra Skorupa (Ms. Quigney)
2nd Prize: Maeve Moran (Mr. Flynn)
Joint 3rd Prize: Sarah Lucey (Mr. Foley)

Fourth Class:
1st Prize: Daniel Coakley (Ms. O’ Brien)
2nd Prize: Robyn Smith (Ms. O’Brien)
Joint 3rd Prize: Tomiwa Morris (Mr. Kirby) and Brian Corkery (Ms. Walsh)

Overall winner of the metre of chocolate for 5th/ 6th:
Daniel Ghori (Ms. Casey)

Fifth Class:
1st Prize:  Sinéad Burtchell (Ms. Guilfoyle)
2ndPrize: Louise Murdoch (Mr. Moynihan)
3rd Prize: Louise Velon (Ms. O’Sullivan)

Sixth Class:
1st Prize: Roshidat Olawale (Ms. Horgan)
2nd Prize: Anna Butler (Mr. Walsh)
3rd Prize: Caoimhe Whelan (Mr. Walsh)

First/Second Class:
1st Prize: Sarah Mc Ginn (Ms. O’Keeffe)
2nd Prize: Heidi O’Sullivan (Ms. O’Keeffe)
3rd Prize: David O’Sullivan (Ms. Kelleher)

Special Prize for anti-bullying poster: Juliet O’Keeffe in Mr. O’Connell’s 3rd class.