Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nuacht Nioclais-XMAS FACTOR

The Classroom Auditions
On the eleventh of December, an air of hush could be felt in our classroom. Today was the day – the day when the auditions were being held for the school Xmas Factor. With the excitement building fast, Ms. O’Callaghan asked which acts would be participating – nine in total. Four dance groups, one poem, two singers, one comedy and a partridge in a pear tree! It lasted for about forty minutes – forty minutes of pure talent. First “Saváiste Cabáiste” – a rare combination of music and comedy. Next, Paulina singing “Dancing Queen” – a truly magical performance. Third, Tara – with an enchanting dance to “Sleigh Ride” – a popular Christmas carol. Next “Destiny” – a dance group with a lively performance of “Bad Boys”. Daniel and Peter followed with an amazing performance that blew the house down. With their exemplary Irish dancing they danced to rock music. Truly brilliant! Daniel Cullinane was next singing “Don’t Worry” whilst Kyrin and Alex joined forces to sing a comic version of “Deck the Halls”. The concert concluded with Áine reciting a poem “Things I’d do if it weren’t for Mum” and Robert dancing to “Thriller”. A close vote put Peter and Daniel ahead. We collectively decided that they represented our best hope of winning the Xmas Factor!! Best of luck to all of the finalists participating in the final on Monday!
(by: Ronan Daly, Declan Fitzgibbon, Ciara Hayes, Tara McCarthy and Robert Wall – 5th Class NB10)