Monday, December 21, 2009

Nuacht Nioclais- World War II Exhibition

Scoil Nioclais was also visited by a World War II battle group this term. We saw military vehilcles including jeeps and motorbikes with sidecars. There were soldiers dressed in German and Allied uniforms. There were weapons of all shapes and sizes on display. Bengt from Germany told us about what it was like to be an eight year old boy during the war. It was a fascinating story.

World War II Museum
Yesterday was an exiting day. A group of people came with items from World War II and we went down to the hall at 11.15. First we found a place to sit. The guide started talking about the guns.
The machine gun was first. You could not come out of the sky with the machine gun. The bazooka was next. It is 90 centimetres long, it was not heavy at all. After that was the uniform. The jacket was very light because if they fell in mud or water they would not be carrying it. They had a first aid kit, a parachute, cutlery, a gas mask and food. There were more items. Then Ben told us his story. That was good.
By Daniel O Connell 4th class.

World War 2

A World War 2 museum came to our school hall on the 29 of September .A group of people showed us what a soldiers life in World War was like. They brought a motor bike and an army truck. They also showed us German and American uniforms.
A soldier had a first aid kit, shoe laces, and water bottles. He carried food, cutlery, a shovel, soap and a shaving brush. An interesting fact I didn’t know was that one gun called a Bazooka fired a flame at the back of it. Ben told us about being a child in the War. But it was upsetting to hear his father died. The World War 2 museum was very interesting and I would love to see it again.

BySarah Harte, fouth class