Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nuacht Nioclais- "Anne Frank and Me"- Competition Winners

In October, we learned a lot about Anne Frank in our History classes. We were delighted when we heard that the Everyman Palace Theatre was running a competition based on their production of “Anne Frank and Me”. There were different sections to the competition, which included poetry and music. Individually, we wrote list poems, composed a piece of music and hoped for the best! A few weeks later we were delighted to receive a phone call from the organisers of the competition who confirmed that five pupils in our class had won prizes. Ruth O’Halloran and Dara Brady won first and second places in the poetry competition – each receiving a very exclusive leather diary and vouchers. Daniel Cullinane, Cathal O’Sullivan and Amy McEvaddy came first, second and third in the music competition – each receiving a voucher also. As we had so many prize winners in our class we were given an overall class prize of tickets to see the play in the Everyman Palace Theatre. Unfortunately, the performance was cancelled the day went to see it but the Everyman have invited the whole class back in January to see the play. We are really looking forward to this!!

By: Dara Brady, Daniel Cullinane, Amy McEvaddy, Ruth O’Halloran, Cathal O’Sullivan and Paulina Suchowieka)