Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nuacht Niocláis: Notes, reminders and updates

Nuacht Niocláis: Notes, Reminders and Updates

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion will take place in the Church of the Incarnation, Frankfield on 11a.m. on Saturday 15th April.

On Monday 17th May, summer exams begin.

Sports for All Day will be on Tuesday 18th May – weather dependant. Please ensure that children wear sunscreen on that day.

The Mobile Farm will visit the Junior infants, Senior Infants and First Class on Thursday 20th May.

Scoil Niocláis will remain closed on Thursday and Friday 3rd and 4th June as part of the June Bank Holiday.

Pupils from Scoil Niocláis will take part in Cork Primary School Sports in Pairc Ui Chaoimh on Friday 11th June.

Congratulations to the Swimmers of Scoil Niocláis who swept the boards in the recent Corks Schools Invitational Gala. – see photo

Intercultural Day of Celebration on Friday 18th June.

On Thursday 24th June, Liam Russell’s Bookshop will be based in the school hall where next year’s school books can be purchased.

Pupils from 6th Class will take part in a prayer service in celebration of their 8 years in Scoil Niocláis on Tuesday 29th June. The ceremony will take place in the school and will begin at 11.15a.m.

Mobile Phones in Scoil Niocláis

· The BOM of Scoil Niocláis accepts that mobile phones can be intrusive and distracting in a class and school situation. In addition, they are a potential and real source of bullying and abuse through texting and the dissemination of unacceptable inappropriate images
· Children are not allowed to have mobile phones in school without prior permission from the school principal.
· Parents are urged not to allow their children to bring phones to school at all, unless they genuinely need them.
· Pupils, who have been given permission to have a mobile phone on the school premises must keep it in their school bags where it must remain switched off at all times until they leave the school premises.
· The school premises include the school building and grounds.
· Pupils who breach any of the above rules will have their phones confiscated. It will be stored in the office where it may be collected by a parent/guardian.
· The school accepts no responsibility for damage, loss or theft under any circumstances including where a phone has been confiscated from a child by a teacher.

Informal parent teacher meetings.

It is school policy that when a parent/guardian wishes to see a teacher at any stage during the year they make an appointment. Please ring the office to arrange any such meeting.
For the safety of the children all visitors to the school should first call to the office. Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom.

Safety at the main entrance
It has come to our attention that some pedestrians at school opening and closing times are standing across the main entrance. This is an extremely dangerous practice. While waiting, pedestrians should stand on the footpaths. Please do not stand or park in the way of cars exiting and entering the school.

Sun safety.
Pupils in the third term will be involved much more in outdoor activities. Please provide your child with a sun hat and put on sun cream before coming to school.

Birthday and Party invitations.

In Scoil Niocláis, it is school policy that birthday or party invitations are not given out in the classroom or any where on school grounds. If you wish to invite pupils to your parties please do so privately. The BOM and teachers in the school are greatly concerned about the distress caused to individual children who are not invited. We therefore appeal to you, the parents, to co-operate with us; please do not give your children invitations coming to school.

Summer Holidays

Scoil Niocláis will close for the summer holidays on Wednesday 30th June at 12.15p.m.

The school will reopen on Monday 30th August. Children from 1st to 6th Class will be going home at

12.15p.m. to accommodate a staff meeting.

The infant classes will go home earlier at 12 noon.